Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I had an operation to get all four of my wisdom teeth out on the 4th, so I've been pretty much lying in bed and eating soup/smoothies since then. I'm only just able to eat real food again, and still nothing crunchy whatsoever. Bit of the shame, frankly.

But to tide you over, here's a few things that are on my Christmas/birthday wish list. (Handy thing about having a birthday in February is that it's too far away to get the combined gift, but close enough that one wish list will do. Perfect!)

"Fawkes & Stella" embroidered hoop

Alexander McQueen tote

Belt Bracelet by Soho Collection
 Cat Boyfriend Tee by Rebel Yell

 Dagger Charm Bracelet

Jenna Tee by BB Dakota
 'Monorail Maven Dress by ModCloth 
(I picture this with a wide red belt and red flats, maybe? Or a studded belt and biker boots?
Definitely a belt is needed!)

Foxy shoes by Jeffery Campbell

Quiet Venture sweater from ModCloth

Sliced Agate bracelet 

Tardy (in Yellow & Green) by Jeffery Campbell

Oh, I'm feeling terribly 'want-y' lately, which is a shame.

I actually made myself a beautiful circle skirt the other day out of some old Maramekko fabric I had leftover from when we got out dining room chairs reupholstered a few years ago.

I've got to get on taking photos of that, the maxi skirt I turned into a fishtail shirt, and and shirt I made.

anyway, until then!

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